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Nova Scotia has had the best job creation rate in Canada over the
past 12 months, according to a Statistics Canada report released

Employment is up 2.9 per cent between March, 1996 and March,
1997, which is higher than any other province. Ten thousand nine
hundred more Nova Scotians were working last month compared to a
year ago. The seasonally adjusted numbers show a workforce of
391,600 people.

The March results are part of a well established trend in the
Atlantic region. Nova Scotia has had a net increase of 25,500
jobs since May 1993. During the same period, New Brunswick lost
3,800 jobs, Newfoundland declined by 3,800 jobs, while Prince
Edward Island had an increase of 6,600 new jobs.

Economic Development and Tourism Minister, Richie Mann in Italy
where he is travelling on an investment mission said, "These
figures clearly show that Nova Scotia's economy is growing. We're
developing a very positive business climate, which is attracting
investment. And that investment is creating jobs."

Finance Minister Bill Gillis said, "Based on the recent trends,
we expect record employment levels in 1997."

The seasonally adjusted record was last set in December of 1995
when 395,000 people were employed in the province.

Last month, March 1997 - 3,000 new jobs were created, the third
best rate in the country.

The unemployment level is now 12.8 per cent, down from 13.5 per
cent last month, and lower than it was a year ago.

Once again, it is the private sector setting the pace. Over the
past year, the gains have been concentrated in manufacturing as
well as community and business services. As well, Nova Scotia's
private health care sector is showing considerable growth as the
province increases it's home care programs.


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