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Almost any first grade teacher in the year 2002 will be able to
say "Brandon, please come to the front of the classroom" and get
a response. Because, by that time, the 160 boys born in Nova
Scotia in 1996 and named Brandon will be entering the school
system. In fact, Brandon was the most popular name for the last
three years -- for a grand total of 520.

Emily will also be a popular name on the roll-call sheet as there
will be 119 of them turning six that year. Jessica and Sarah
complete the top three girl's names, followed by Taylor,
Samantha, and Rebecca.

Following Brandon, the other popular boy's names are Matthew,
Nicholas, Ryan and Alexander. The 1996 baby boom in the province
totalled 10,475.

This information comes from the Vital Statistics section of the
Department of Business and Consumer Services which began
automation of its records in 1992. As a result, records analysis
is now much faster. This is important for medical research as new
insights can be gained into the population's health and
demographics by examining birth and death records over the years.
Besides, vital statistics are just plain interesting, as this
analysis of names of children born in Nova Scotia indicates.

Canadians may be separated by geography but apparently they think
alike -- if baby names are any indication. The most chosen baby
names in British Columbia for 1995 were Matthew, Brandon and Ryan
for boys and Jessica, Emily and Sarah for girls. Sound familiar?

And did you notice that biblical names are coming back into
vogue? Consider Joshua, Jacob, Benjamin, Samuel, Jesse, Noah,
Luke and Matthew which all appear on Nova Scotia's list of
popular baby names. Biblical women are also well represented:
Hannah, Rachael, Mary and Elizabeth.

Some names fall into the "sounds the same but spelled
differently" category, such as Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Caitlyn and
Caitlin. And, if name has anything to do with destiny, at least
one of the 16 Shania's born in 1996 will likely excel in music

MacDonald is still the most common surname in the province,
followed by Smith, Brown, MacNeil and LeBlanc.


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NOTE TO EDITORS: The complete list of most popular names for 1996
is available by calling 1-800-670-4357 or 424-4492.

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