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Agricultural and Marketing Minister Guy Brown announced that six
4-H members from Nova Scotia are participating in a National
Conference on Canadian Citizenship. This week-long event is now
taking place in Ottawa until April 10, as part of the youth
leadership and development component of the Nova Scotia 4-H

The theme of this year's seminar is "Canada...The Freedom to Be".
The 4-H members attending the seminar get to experience how the
federal government works, by preparing and participating in a
simulated House of Commons debate. Delegates are seeing first
hand what a day in the life of an Member of Parliament is like
and will have lunch with their own MP. Other sessions are on the
Senate, natives in Canada, and one entitled "Think Globally, Act
Locally". Certificates of Canadian Citizenship are being
presented to the delegates at the end of a very busy seminar.

The six 4-H members chosen as winners of the 4-H National Award
Travel Program and to represent Nova Scotia at this conference
are: Philip Hollis, Salt Springs, Pictou County; Elspbeth
Livingston, Belmont, Colchester County; Elaine Beaton, Mabou,
Inverness County; Nadia Stokvis, Margaretville, Annapolis County;
Laura Van Hatten, Cambridge Station, Kings County and Tony
Versteeg, Milford Station, Hants County.

Mr. Brown congratulated the members for their success in being
chosen to represent Nova Scotia at the conference. "I am proud
that the department is a sponsor of the 4-H program". He said
that the program provides rural Nova Scotians, aged nine-21
years, the learning experiences to develop entrepreneurial
skills, leadership skills, responsibilities, cooperation and team
work, improve self-confidence and self-worth.

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture & Marketing was
instrumental in having 4-H established in Nova Scotia 75 years
ago.  This commitment to rural community development through 4-H
clubs has made the Nova Scotia 4-H program a source of pride
across Canada. The Nova Scotia 4-H rural youth development
program is located in 110 communities spread throughout all
counties in the province.


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