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Young entrepreneurs worldwide will have an opportunity next month
to take part in a live and interactive conference on the

The virtual meeting is part of the Young Entrepreneurs Going
Places Conference 97, hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship
Education and Development (CEED) at the University College of
Cape Breton in Sydney from May 1 to 3.

Participants have the opportunity to learn, showcase their
talents and interact with other cyber-delegates and those
delegates attending the actual conference.

"The conference is an excellent learning opportunity, but not
everyone can afford the time or expense to attend," said Chris
Curtis, chief entrepreneurship officer for CEED. "The on-line
conference can reach a wider audience, virtually worldwide on the

The event, among the largest of its kind in North America, is
expected to draw 500 young entrepreneurs. It is designed to
motivate students to explore entrepreneurship as a way of life,
to share ideas with other entrepreneurs and to provide networking

This third annual conference has the theme Profiting the
Environment, and the focus will be on the identification of
business opportunities in environmental industries and
environmentally sound business practices.

Seminars, workshops and forum discussions led by professionals
and successful entrepreneurs are designed to show young people
the ropes of the business world from startup to sustaining
success. Young entrepreneurs can hone their skills, share
strategies and develop new relationships and apply this knowledge
to create a strong entrepreneurial climate and improve the

The on-line component of the conference will offer workshops and
panel discussions, and will allow for informal chats. Instruction
on how to use the Internet for business, including designing a
web page, will be given so participants can showcase their
business ideas alongside those physically at the conference. To
become a cyber-delegate or find out more about the on-line
conference, check out
Registration is $20.

The Young Entrepreneurs Going Places Conference 97 is sponsored
by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture, Atlantic
Canada Opportunities Agency, the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal
Agency, Nova Scotia Department of the Environment, Human
Resources Development Canada, Royal Bank, Stora, Jacques Whitford
Environmental Ltd. and MT&T.


Contact: Colin Craig
         or 1-800-590-8481 (toll-free within Atlantic Canada)

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