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Nova Scotia anglers can dust off their rods and reels and head
for lakes and rivers in pursuit of their favorite game fish.

Trout season opened April 1 west of Highway 102 and will open
Tuesday (April 15) in the remainder of the province. The season
for smallmouth bass will also open Tuesday for the entire

The bag limit is five trout, five bass and two landlocked salmon
per fishing trip. Anglers 16 years of age and over require a
general fishing licence, at a cost $17.25 for Nova Scotians and
$46 for out-of-province anglers. General licences can be bought
at one of the 900 vendors in the province. Separate licences are
required to fish salmon.

Jim Barkhouse, minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, said he's
encouraged by the growing popularity of sport fishing.

"The number of competitive fishing events, such as smallmouth
bass tournaments and trout derbies, increased last year. The
winter fishery, and other new angling opportunities, also proved 
popular with good participation."

The department expanded winter sport-fishing opportunities last
year following the success of pilot projects in previous years.
Preliminary survey results indicate that this year's winter
season, featuring several tournaments held around the province,
was successful.

"The department will continue to consider expanding winter
fishing opportunities in areas where they will not impact on wild
trout and salmon stocks," said Mr. Barkhouse, noting that the
winter sport fishery was aimed at stocked trout and underutilized
species such as perch and chain pickerel.

In other news, the department will team up with the Nova Scotia
branch of Trout Unlimited to celebrate the third annual Nova
Scotia Sport Fishing Weekend, to be held June 7-8. Residents may
fish without a general licence during this event.  

"This is an excellent opportunity for first-time anglers to try
the sport and for experienced anglers to take advantage of our
wide variety of sport-fishing opportunities," said Mr. Barkhouse.

More than 100,000 Nova Scotians enjoy angling, generating some
$82 million a year. "Sport fishing is an important contributor to
our economy, especially in rural communities and tourism-related
businesses," said Mr. Barkhouse.

Stressing its importance, he urged anglers to practise
conservation such catch-and-release. "This is a very positive
measure individuals can take to help preserve our freshwater
fishery resource. For many anglers, the real joy of fishing is
being outdoors enjoying the natural beauty of our woodlands and
inland waters."

Mr. Barkhouse congratulated anglers on doing their part in
keeping the forests and streams clean of litter.


Contact: Diane Kenny
         Fisheries and Aquaculture

trp                    Apr. 14, 1997 - 3 p.m.