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The Nova Scotia Agriculture College will introduce a bachelor of
technology degree in September, providing yet another reason for
students to study at the leading agricultural institution in
Atlantic Canada.

The degree will blend high-level skills acquisition with
theoretical knowledge, producing graduates in specific technology
disciplines. Students will be provided with the unique
opportunity to develop state-of-the art practical skills while
building a thorough understanding of the current theoretical
standards of their interest areas.

"This new degree is a logical extension of the diploma programs
the college has operated for years," said Dr. Garth Coffin,
principal of the Truro institution. "It reflects our commitment
to providing the kind of training the market is seeking."

Landscape horticulture will be the first major introduced within
the bachelor of technology degree program; it is the first such
major to be offered in Canada. An emphasis on sciences such as
ecology and soil management, coupled with elective study in areas
of landscape design, construction and business management, will
prepare graduates for all aspects of the landscape industry.

"The major was designed in consultation with the landscape
industry to ensure that our graduates continue to meet the needs
of industry," explained Prof. Carol Goodwin of the plant science
department. "We are very excited about this opportunity for
advanced study beyond the technology diploma and we are proud of
the flexibility our BT degree provides."

The program provides opportunity for student exchanges to Alberta
and to Britain, co-operative work experience, individualized
study and advanced technical and management training designed to
broaden students' knowledge and experience.

The college plans to introduce several other majors over the next
few years.


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