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You have so much to do today, you have no idea where to start.
Find a topographical map of the Lunenburg area, locate a nice
Acadian print for the living room, plan a mini biking and
kayaking vacation within the province, brush up the nutritional
needs of your two-year-old, get a copy of the Workers'
Compensation Act, and track down that elusive recipe for Drunken
Chicken, a dish you plan to serve to your church group Saturday

No problem! Simply visit the Government Bookstore -- or if it is
more convenient, visit the bookstore's homepage on the World Wide

The bookstore, in One Government Place, 1700 Granville St.,
Halifax, has been in business since the late 1970s. It acts on
behalf of departments for phone, mail-order, Internet and
over-the-counter sales of a variety of printed materials,
including reports, maps, directories, legislative acts and
literature pertaining to government programs and services. As
well, it carries a variety of Nova Scotia-related publications.

"You would be surprised at how much information is contained in
the bookstore," said Business and Consumer Services Minister
Sandy Jolly. "Even though customers usually visit the store
looking for something really specific, they enjoy browsing
through the shelves and reviewing the publications."

So, what are the all-time big sellers? Bookstore manager Wendy
Luciano said it's a toss-up between A Map of the Province of Nova
Scotia ($16.95), which is a collection of topographical maps, and
the Nova Scotia Directory of Manufacturers ($5.60). Every now and
then, a newcomer rises swiftly to the top of the chart, depending
upon the time of year and what has been released during that

April, for instance, is the busiest month of the year with the
release of the public accounts, the speech from the throne, the
budget and estimates and the auditor general's report.

The bookstore also distributes complimentary copies of government
pamphlets, books, reports and publications to all deposit
libraries throughout the province.

Those who don't have time to visit the bookstore can now take
advantage of its services by using their home computer. The
publications catalogue and order form are available on-line at

"Providing innovative, convenient services to the people of Nova
Scotia is our mandate," said Ms. Jolly. "By going on-line, we can
not only serve Nova Scotians better, we can also meet the needs
of other people throughout the world who have an interest in our
province and our publications."

In February alone, the bookstore received 30 orders via the
Internet from other provinces, the eastern United States and as
far away as Hawaii. Customers can pay for their orders with Visa
or MasterCard. The bookstore homepage also features an on-line
survey to gauge customer satisfaction with the publications
catalogue, the order form and service delivery.

From Acadian prints to zany recipes, you can find volumes of Nova
Scotia information at the Government Bookstore. And in case you
were looking, the recipe for Drunken Chicken can be found in
Taste of Nova Scotia cookbook, selling for $21.95.


Contact: Louise MacDonald  902-424-0394

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