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The historic Red Chamber at Province House will be closed to the
public as of today to start planning the restoration of the
room's 180-year-old plaster ceiling, announced Don Downe,
minister of transportation and public works.

"The historic plaster ceiling has been deteriorating over the
last number of years, and it has reached a condition which
warrants the closing of the room in the interest of safety and as
a precaution from the possibility of falling plaster," said Mr.

Built in the early 1800s and recognized as one of the finest
examples of Georgian architecture in Canada, Province House has
withstood a number of traumas over the years, including shock
waves from the 1917 Halifax Explosion and the 1945 ammunitions
depot explosion.

Work on the ceiling of the Red Chamber, also known as the Red
Room, will begin when the Legislature rises. The actual
construction work is expected to take about eight weeks. Ceilings
in the other parts of Province House have had repairs.

Restoration costs will be determined once on-site work on the
ceiling begins. Several methods will be used to repair the

"We will take great care in preserving this building so people
will be able to continue to enjoy its great historical
significance in the future," said Mr. Downe.


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trp                      Apr. 16, 1997 - 2:05 p.m.