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Mental health professionals from across the country will gather
for a day of education and information-sharing on April 25 when
the Nova Scotia Hospital hosts its eight annual Academic Day.

This year's program has two themes: seniors' mental health and
dealing with the problems of violence.

"Considering the country's aging population and the prevalence of
violence in society, both topics are timely and should provide
much food for thought," said Dr. William McCormick, who founded
Academic Day.

In addition to Nova Scotia Hospital staff, speakers on seniors'
mental health will include Dr. Kenneth Rockwood of Dalhousie
University and Dr. Kenneth Schulman of Toronto's Sunnybrook
Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Renee Roy, from the Institut Philippe
Pinel de Montreal and president of the Canadian Psychiatric
Association, will discuss issues surrounding violence.

The program begins at 9 a.m. with opening remarks from Premier
John Savage.


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