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A new registration system aimed at offering more flexibility to
Nova Scotia truckers and trucking companies will take effect
June 1.

The changes deal with the frequency and timing of registration
renewals, issues identified by commercial truckers during
meetings with government.

"There is less hassle and more opportunity to do business and
it's cheaper for truckers in Nova Scotia," said Transportation
Minister Don Downe, who announced the changes at the annual
meeting of the Truckers Association of Nova Scotia in Halifax.
"It's another piece of the pie that makes it better to be a
trucker in this province."

Downe made the announcement Saturday on behalf of Sandy Jolly,
minister for business and consumer services.

"One of the priorities of this government is to be responsive to
the needs of Nova Scotians," said Ms. Jolly. "And the main
priority of my department, Business and Consumer Services, is to
look at ways to provide convenient and quality services to our

"The consultation process with this government really worked,"
said Dave Roberts, office manager for the Truckers Association of
Nova Scotia. "We got a clearer understanding of what both
government and the trucking industry are looking for -- and then
worked together to achieve the desired results."

Heavy commercial vehicle registration differs depending on
whether the truck operates within Nova Scotia only or between
jurisdictions. With the new system, the registration processes
will still differ but each will be more flexible.

Once the new system is in place, owners operating trucks only
within Nova Scotia will be able to choose in which month they
register the vehicles and will be able to register by the month,
with a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 months. The major
benefit of these changes is that the client will now only pay
registration fees for the months the truck will be in service
instead of paying for a full six- or 12-month period. And
differing expiry dates mean a reduced concentration of renewals
at the middle or end of the calendar year.

Registration procedures for trucks operating between provinces
must conform to Canadian Agreement for Vehicle Registration
rules; as such, fleet registrations will continue to be yearly. 
With the Nova Scotia changes, however, interprovincial carriers
can choose the month in which they wish to register their fleet.
In addition, they will only have to pay for the months remaining
in the registration period for trucks added to the fleet during
that period, as opposed to a full quarter.

"The biggest advantage for interprovincial truckers is that the
company can register in the month when their cash flow is at its
best, instead of always in the spring," said Mr. Roberts. "By
implementing this change, the government helps us meet our
business needs."

Added Ralph Boyd, executive director of the Atlantic Provinces
Trucking Association: "Any improvement that allows carriers to
make it simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective to
register interprovincially is a benefit to our industry."

Increased flexibility in the heavy commercial vehicle
registration system has been an issue for some time. It was put
on the front burner by the Trucking Industry Advisory Committee
which met for the first time in November 1996. The committee,
spearheaded by the Department of Business and Consumer Services,
comprises representatives from government and the trucking
industry who are committed to identifying issues and problems in
the industry and to finding solutions.

"Who better knows the needs of truckers than those in the
industry," said Ms. Jolly. "The Trucking Industry Advisory
Committee is an excellent forum to get their views. Certainly
their input was crucial to developing this new registration
system and I would like to express my appreciation for their

Ms. Jolly said she is satisfied the changes will alleviate a
majority of trucking concerns, but that this is not the end of
the road. Consultation with industry representatives will
continue over the next few years as the Department of Business
and Consumer Services monitors the new system.


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