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The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission wants input on
quality assurance in university education and is going to the
public to get it.

The commission will hold three forums next month -- one in each
Maritime province -- to gather a cross-section of views on what
Dr. David Cameron, interim commission chair, calls "the hot topic
in higher education today."

Dr. Cameron said the questions being asked are: "How do we ensure
that students are getting quality programs? How do we help
universities assure quality and improve quality?"

But, he added, "The best approaches to achieving quality
assurance are open to debate."

To help focus the debate, the commission released a discussion
paper earlier this year titled Options for Quality Assurance in
Higher Education in the Maritimes. Through the forums, "we want
to hear from students, parents, teachers, institutions,
associations, governments -- everyone involved with or concerned
about university quality assurance," said Dr. Cameron.

The commission will consider input from the forums in drafting
recommendations to the Council of Maritime Premiers and the
region's universities. "The aim is to assure the public that
university programs in this region are of appropriately high
quality," said Dr. Cameron.

The forums will be held May 5 in Halifax, at Dalhousie University
Student Union Building, McInnis Room; on May 7 in Fredericton, at
the University of New Brunswick's Wu Centre, Chancellor's Room;
and on May 9 in Charlottetown, at Rodd Travel Lodge, Courtyard
Room. The forums begin at 10 a.m.

Groups or individuals who wish to participate should indicate
their interest in advance by phone at 506-453-2844, fax at
506-453-2106 or e-mail at
Copies of the discussion paper are also available.

Cameron said the commission's role is to bring a regional
perspective to higher education. "Since 1973, we have been
working to help the whole Maritime region make the very best use
of all our university resources. We believe that assisting in
quality assurance is yet another way we can contribute to this


Contact: Dr. David Cameron  902-494-6626

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