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Some 166 non-profit groups benefited from donations of surplus
government materials in the last five months of fiscal 1996-97,
the surplus Crown property report shows.

"Schools and school boards in particular have received office
equipment, curtains, desks and computers," Don Downe, minister of
transportation and public works, said today. "We feel good about
helping to provide our students with some of the tools they need
to prepare them for the future."

The report, tabled during each legislative sitting, details the
sale, disposal and donation of materials no longer of use to
government. The latest issue covers the period from Nov. 1, 1996,
to March 31, 1997.

Through Nova Knowledge, more than 200 computers, 177 monitors,
121 printers and 172 keyboards went to schools and community
college campuses.

Other groups benefiting from the program include non-profit
non-government organizations. Upon formally requesting help, 
nursing homes, community groups and charitable organizations have
received items ranging from office equipment, beds, electric
heaters, flag poles and medical equipment.

The surplus Crown property disposal program also sells goods and
property no longer used by government departments.

"I am very pleased to tell you we have raised in excess of
$690,000 through the sale of surplus items," said Mr. Downe.
"That is extra money, money that is part of our overall budget
surplus of $4.7 million. We are proud to be able to contribute to
reducing government debt in this way. It truly benefits all Nova


Contact: Bruce Wood
         Co-ordinator, Inventory Control

         or Transportation and Public Works
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trp                     Apr. 24, 1997 - 12:55 p.m.