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The Department of Community Services will be subsidizing 50 new
day-care spaces in 17 non-profit licensed centres and two
proposed centres across Nova Scotia, Community Services Minister
John MacEachern has announced.

"Affordable, quality day care is an investment in our future,"
said Mr. MacEachern. "Access to quality child care allows parents
to work or get training while providing children with a safe
place to learn and grow."

The minister's allocation of the new subsidized spaces closely
follows the recommendations of the Nova Scotia Roundtable on Day
Care, a ministerial advisory group that comprised parents, child-care teachers and operators, and community members. Centres were
selected according to location, availability of child-care
services in each county, needs of special populations and number
of spaces in a centre.

The government has increased the number of subsidized spaces made
available to low-income parents by 200 since 1993, bringing the
total to 2,300 this year. There are currently 366 licensed child-care centres in the province with 10,926 spaces.


Contact: John McKee
         Community Services

NOTE TO EDITORS: A list of the centres being allocated new
subsidized spaces is available by calling 902-424-4492.

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