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Bridgetown Regional High has become the first school in the
Annapolis Valley to officially form a school advisory council.

Last night (May 5), members of the school council were joined at
the signing of a School Advisory Council Letter of Agreement by
Education Minister Robbie Harrison, John Elliot, chair of the
Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, and about 80 members of
the community.

School advisory councils, legislated under the 1995 Education
Act, open school doors to parents and the community to work with
teachers and students to build a quality learning environment and
help students succeed.

"We have a shared responsibility in supporting student success,"
said Mr. Harrison. "It is an ongoing process, and advisory
councils bring all education partners to the table, working
continually to make sure the school meets the needs of its
students and the community."

Dr. Elliot echoed Mr. Harrison's remarks saying school councils
will serve an important role, especially in high schools. "This
signing invites parents and the community through the doors of
our high schools where we can have a positive impact on the
schooling of our children."

The Bridgetown school advisory council comprises three teachers,
three students, three parents, two community members and a
support staff representative. As well, the principal serves as a
non-voting permanent member. Council members have already started
developing a school improvement plan and an action plan for next
year. Other responsibilities include developing policies to
promote academic excellence, advising on school discipline and
communicating with education partners.

Meredith Greene, chair of the Bridgetown school advisory council,
said members are looking forward to working together as the
Annapolis Valley's first such group. "This event is a perfect
example of how working together can generate enthusiasm for, and
interest in, public education."

About 25 other councils are being developed in the Annapolis
Valley Regional School Board.


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