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Health Minister Bernie Boudreau announced today the Department of
Health will provide additional funding for renovations at the
Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

The total approved cost for the hospital development project has
been increased to $45.2 million from $40 million. The Department
of Health pays 75 per cent, or $33.9 million;  local contribution
totals $11.3 million.

The project is aimed at enhancing the hospital's ability to
provide top-quality care for patients and creating an improved
working environment for staff.

"Today's announcement is an investment in good health care,
planned carefully and paid for with our own money," said Mr.
Boudreau. "A balanced provincial budget for Nova Scotia is
starting to make a difference. We are reinvesting in health

The initial $40 million in renovations included a new addition
for aging, inpatient medical and surgical wards. The increased
funding will permit two other improvements:

- The kitchen facilities -- which serve the hospital, the Adult
  Residential Centre and Tidal View Manor -- will be relocated
  and re-equipped at a cost of $2.6 million.

- The 35-year-old boilers will be replaced and oil storage
  facilities relocated in accordance with latest building code
  requirements at a cost of $1.3 million.

"Many people have worked very hard on this project," said Mr.
Boudreau. "The hospital, the community, the Western Regional
Health Board and government have co-operated to make today a


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         Department of Health

trp                    May 9, 1997 - 5 p.m.