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A broad-based research, innovation and development policy to
support Nova Scotia's strategic economic growth areas will be in
place this fall, Robbie Harrison, minister of education and
culture, announced today on behalf of Premier John Savage.

Speaking at an Innovations Round Table hosted by Dalhousie
University, Mr. Harrison said the timing has never been better to
maximize the tremendous potential that already exists in Nova

"We're at an important turning-point in Nova Scotia," he said.
"Statistics Canada predicts Nova Scotia will enjoy the largest
growth in public and private investment of any province in Canada
this year -- outpacing the national average by nearly four times.

"Over the next five years, the new Canada Foundation for
Innovation will trigger about $2 billion to support innovative
research projects across Canada. We also have more universities
per capita than any other province, and partnerships are growing
between post-secondary institutions and business and industry,"
Mr. Harrison continued.

"This is our foundation -- better yet, our launching pad -- and a
provincial research, development and innovation policy will help
fuel the takeoff for new investment, new jobs and new
opportunities for Nova Scotians."

The research policy will be broad-based, supporting strategic
research and development in science, technology, social sciences,
the humanities, and arts and culture.

"We're not just talking about microchips and test tubes," Mr.
Harrison said. "We're talking about a policy that supports ideas
and innovation across the wide range of research activities that
is occurring in Nova Scotia."

The range of research activities includes partnerships such as
InNOVAcorp and TARA, or Telecom Applications Research Alliance.

Within Nova Scotia universities, examples include:

- information technology research at DalTech

- creation of the Cape Breton Technology Enterprise Centre at the
  University College of Cape Breton

- agri-food research and innovation at the Nova Scotia
  Agricultural College

- work between Acadia University and biotechnology firms

- a new Media Centre at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
  that will lead in multimedia education, research, business
  incubation and industry development (i.e., film, video,
  environmental design and computer animation).

The minister said these examples represent a small sampling of
the innovative work going on at all of Nova Scotia's
post-secondary institutions. As well, private-sector firms are
doing more research than ever before. Consultation will be broad-based to ensure these range of activities are reflected and
supported in the new policy.

A steering committee with representatives from all research
partners -- including business, academic, government and arts and
culture -- will be set up this summer to consult provincewide to
lay the foundation for the policy. The policy is expected to be
completed by late fall to guide decision-making in areas of
support for university and institutional research, industry
development and internal government priorities.


Contact: Donna MacDonald
         Education and Culture

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