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Nova Scotia is modifying some key vehicle weight and dimension
regulations to fall in line with trucking standards in the other
Maritime provinces, Don Downe, transportation and public works
minister, announced today.

"The trucking industry is a big winner with harmonization," said
Mr. Downe. "These changes eliminate the hassle of adjusting loads
and equipment at the border because of different regulations in
different provinces."

Nova Scotia's truck size and weight limits will conform with
fundamental regulations in New Brunswick and Prince Edward

The changes include:

- The maximum tandem weight will be standardized to 18,000 kg,
  regardless of axle spread. This allows a uniform maximum weight
  for trucks throughout the Maritime region. The change will
  reduce overweight problems at the Amherst scale for both
  truckers and enforcement officers.

- The maximum steering axle weight will be reduced to 8,000 kg
  from 9,000 kg. This measure improves steering and braking.

- The maximum weight for wide spread trailer tridem/triaxle will
  be reduced to 26,000 kg. This will not decrease payload and
  will standardize limits in the Maritimes.

- Maximum length for double trailer configurations will increase
  to 25 metres. This change will standardize this length limit
  across the country.

"This is a significant achievement," says Mr. Downe. "It's the
result of hard work, consultation and co-operation between my
department, Business and Consumer Services and the trucking
industry. We sat down, we talked it over, and we made it happen."

Added Sandy Jolly, minister of business and consumer services:
"The mandate of my department is to make government simpler for
Nova Scotians. This is another step toward that goal."

The changes take effect at midnight tonight.


Contact: Don Stonehouse
         Transportation and Public Works

trp                        May 12, 1997 - 3:45 p.m.