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Health Minister Bernie Boudreau officially received today Nova
Scotia's nutrition strategy, the first such effort in Canada
developed through a community-based approach.

Titled Nutrition for Health: The Nova Scotia Agenda for Action,
the strategy results from the input of more than 40
organizations, agencies and individuals and demonstrates a
co-ordinated, cost-effective partnership approach to nutritional
health. The document is an action plan to help organizations do
their part to enhance Nova Scotians' nutritional health.

"Encouraging and supporting healthy eating is fundamental to good
health," said Mr. Boudreau. "The Nova Scotia Agenda for Action is
a first for the province and clearly highlights a community-wide
commitment to effectively working together to achieve nutritional
health in Nova Scotia."

Said Cathy Chenhall, the strategy's project co-ordinator: "Input
from the community level reinforces the importance of healthy
eating to Nova Scotians and identifies the priorities and actions
that we in this province believe are essential.

"The document highlights priority directions and actions for
nutrition and is an important tool for policy and decision makers
at all levels."

The strategy's key elements include reinforcing healthy eating
and helping those who, for one reason or another, do not eat as
well as they should. Other elements call for continued
enhancement of the availability of healthy foods and support for
nutrition research.

Nova Scotians need to improve their eating patterns. According to
the 1995 Nova Scotia health survey, Nova Scotians have a
higher-than-average risk of developing diseases like cancer and
heart disease. A greater percentage of Nova Scotians are also
overweight, which puts their health at risk. The nutrition
strategy outlines many community-based initiatives that address
these risks.

The strategy was developed by a committee that included
representation from health, agriculture, education, private
industry and other non-government sectors, under the leadership
of the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association, the Nova Scotia
Nutrition Council and the Nova Scotia Department of Health.

"This type of community-driven priority setting is one of the
basic tenets of health renewal," said Mr. Boudreau.

Nutrition for Health: The Nova Scotia Agenda for Action
complements and builds upon the 1996 document Nutrition for
Health: An Agenda for Action, which outlines key nutrition
directions for Canada. The Nova Scotia document is available at
the Government Bookstore, 1700 Granville St., Halifax,
1-800-526-6575 or 902-424-7580.


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         Department of Health

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