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A new guide to help prevent the complications linked to diabetes
was released today by the Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia.

The 80-page publication, called Surveying and Preventing the
Complications of Diabetes in Nova Scotia, provides guidelines for
the surveillance, prevention and management of five major
diabetes complications: heart, kidney, eye and nerve disease and
foot problems. A desktop reference accompanies the guide.

The documents outline a number of strategies to improve the
health of people with diabetes and to prevent or delay the
complications of diabetes. The guide and reference are targeted
at physicians and other health professionals involved in the care
and education of people with diabetes.

"Preventing and managing the complications linked to diabetes
will have a dramatic, positive effect on the lives of people with
diabetes and their family members," said Health Minister Bernie
Boudreau. "Our health care system will also benefit in direct
cost savings for years to come."

More than five per cent of Nova Scotians have diabetes. For these
45,000 people and their families, the complications of the
disease can be devastating. People with poorly controlled
diabetes have a marked increased risk for and incidence of heart
attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney disease, foot and leg
amputations and early death. Complications can develop at any age
and can burden families -- affecting careers, productivity and
quality of life. However, evidence suggests that much of this can
be prevented or alleviated with improved care and ongoing

The guide highlights the recommended surveillance practices for
each of the complications. It also indicates the recommended
targets for important clinical indicators such as blood pressure,
blood glucose and blood fats. These well-referenced guidelines
will provide Nova Scotia physicians with access to the most
current recommended practices.

"This project exemplifies collaboration and partnership," said
Peggy Dunbar, co-ordinator, Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia.
"Five years of hard work by the complications of diabetes
subcommittee and the dedication of a number of physicians and
health professionals has made today possible. A common vision has
given us a resource that we hope will significantly reduce the
impact of the complications of diabetes in Nova Scotia."

The Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia, established by the
Department of Health in 1991, is endorsed by such organizations
and agencies as Dalhousie faculty of medicine, the Medical
Society of Nova Scotia, the Registered Nurses Association of Nova
Scotia, the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association, the Nova Scotia
Division of the Canadian Diabetes Association, and the Nova
Scotia Association of Health Organizations. The program works to
improve the quality of life of Nova Scotians affected by diabetes
by bringing them the best quality of care possible.


Contact: Peggy Dunbar
         Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia

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