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The Nova Scotia Hospital advised staff today that 21 positions
will be eliminated.

The decision is in response to a $750,000 shortfall identified
during the 1997-98 business planning process. These funds are
required to cover increased operational costs for the forensic
psychiatry service, provincial clozapine program and other
clinical programs.

Nova Scotia Hospital executive-director Anne McGuire said, "We
met with staff in affected positions earlier today, stressing the
fact that they have not been issued a notice of layoff. Rather we
will begin to implement a number of human resource programs,
including the Early Department Incentive Program (EDIP)."

By carefully examining expenditures and staff vacancies, and
promoting early retirement and voluntary layoff programs,
managers have worked to meet this reduction while keeping the
number of jobs lost to a minimum.

The EDIP allows employees working within a specific
classification group the option to voluntarily resign. Employees
who choose this option must first meet with financial planners to
examine financial implications and options. The hope is to create
new vacancies that can be made available to individuals in
eliminated positions.

Earlier this year the process was successful when eight positions
were identified for elimination. All effected staff were either
placed in EDIP vacancies or voluntarily opted for early departure

The Nova Scotia Hospital is a fully accredited teaching hospital,
affiliated with Dalhousie University and provides specialized
services for a wide range of mental health needs.


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