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Public consultation will be held this fall to explore how Highway
103 will be twinned from Beechville to Upper Tantallon, Don
Downe, minister of transportation and public works, said today.

"When I announced this project, I said my department was
evaluating options to minimize impact on area residents as we
twin the highway," said Mr. Downe. "I said we'd talk to the
people directly affected and we will."

The existing two-lane Highway 103 sits in a 90-metre (300-foot)
provincially owned right-of-way that is big enough to contain
four lanes. The land available for the twinning runs parallel to
the existing roadway on its north side. The province has owned
the land since the 1960s when the original two-lane highway was

"There are some areas where we can consider realigning the lanes
to move them farther from the residential neighborhoods that have
flourished there in the 1990s," said Mr. Downe. "When our options
are clear, we'll present them to the public."

Clearing of right-of-way will begin soon between Beechville and
Nine Mile River; it will not advance to any areas where lane
location is an issue. The department must investigate
environmental issues, design criteria, and how much new property
would be required to ensure the viability of changing the lane

"I'm excited about this whole project," said Mr. Downe. "It's
going to eliminate a lot of the traffic headaches and improve the
quality of life for residents in that area and beyond. Twinning
this road will mean safer, more efficient travel."

The twinning of Highway 103 stretches 18 kilometres from
Beechville to Upper Tantallon. It is a five-year $22-million
project funded entirely by the province of Nova Scotia.


Contact: Ralph Spares
         Director, infrastructure management
         Transportation and Public Works

         Chris Welner
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         Transportation and Public Works

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