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Environment Minister Wayne Adams has approved the first of the
seven regional plans that are the centrepiece of the provincial
strategy to reduce solid waste by 50 per cent.

The first plan to be approved is for the western region, which
consists of eight municipal units stretching from the District of
Barrington to Digby County.

"This plan is the start of a new era of environmental protection
and economic development for the western region," said Mr. Adams.

"I am impressed with the breadth and depth of the environmental
blueprint devised for the citizens of the western region," he
said today. "The logical outline of the plan is a direct result
of the consultative and co-operative approach employed in its

The regional solid waste plan will promote public education on
environmental issues, more recycling and local processing, the
composting of organics and safe convenient household hazardous
waste collection. The region will also evaluate the possibility
of developing a full containment landfill by the year 2000, five
years ahead of provincial regulatory requirements.

Mr. Adams said he is pleased municipal units have asked committee
members who lead the development of the plan to take part in
implementation. Each municipality appointed a municipal
councillor and a member of the public as its representatives.

The Nova Scotia Solid Waste Resource Management Strategy divides
the province into seven regions. The size of the regions will
afford economy of scale to municipalities as they move toward the
provincial target of 50 per cent solid waste diversion by the
year 2000. Other regional plans have been submitted to the
department for review or are in the final planning stages.


Contact: Gordon MacDougall
         Chair, Solid Waste Resource Implementation Committee
         Department of the Environment

trp                     May 27, 1997 - 5 p.m.