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Agriculture Minister Guy Brown recently announced that Tim Fisher
has been appointed a crop management specialist with the
production technology branch of the Department of Agriculture and

Mr. Fisher graduated with a B.Sc. in plant science from the Nova
Scotia Agricultural College and is currently completing his
M.Sc., specializing in weed science, at the college. From a beef
farm, he has a broad background that includes forage/corn
research and demonstration work as a summer assistant with the
former plant industry branch. Following that, for two years he
was co-ordinator for weed control research conducted in the
biology department of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Since
April 1995, he has been a district weed inspector with the
production technology branch.

As a crop management specialist, Mr. Fisher's main focus will be
related to technology transfer. He will work closely with
producer organizations including soil and crop associations. This
role is consistent with the production technology branch's core
businesses of adaptive research, technology transfer and
developmental initiatives. The crop management specialist
position was a priority to have filled under restructuring.

Mr. Fisher will be based in Truro, at the Harlow Building on the
agriculture college's campus, and will cover the central and
eastern regions of Nova Scotia.


Contact: Dave Sangster
         Agriculture and Marketing

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