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"Partnerships among partnerships" was the phrase Chris Curtis,
chief entrepreneurship officer for the Centre for
Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED), used to
describe the success of the Workplace Experiences for Educators
Program pilot.

The pilot project was a teacher internship program managed by
CEED in partnership with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, the Nova
Scotia Chamber of Commerce and private businesses.

Many additional partnerships, within partnerships already
established, were formed as a result of this program. The
existing gap between the business community and schools has
started to be bridged and solid relationships have been achieved
through contact, support and co-operation.

An event to mark the success of the pilot was held Wednesday
morning, May 28, in Halifax. A video documenting the program in
action was launched at the event, which was attended by Doug
Nauss, the acting deputy minister of education and culture, other
representatives from the Department of Education and Culture,
CEED, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency, Department of Economic Development and
Tourism, participating businesses and educators and members of
the advisory board.

The Workplace Experiences for Educators Program gives teachers
the opportunity to gain hands-on workplace experience at a
business of their choice for a week and bring current and
relevant information back to the classroom to help students
prepare for their futures.

"You can bring one student to the workplace and that one student
will gain experience, but bring a teacher to the workplace and
many, many students will gain," said Frank MacCormick,
professional development consultant, student services division,
Department of Education and Culture and one of the founding
members of the project team.

Said Nauss, acting deputy minister: "Workplace Experiences for
Educators is a very important program for our teachers to ready
their students for the 21st century. We want to prepare our young
people to create their own opportunities -- in their personal
lives, in their communities, or in the rapidly changing Canadian
workplace, as young entrepreneurs or within existing businesses."

Fourteen educators from across the province took part in the
pilot, which ran from January to March 1997. Both the
participating teachers and businesses felt the program was
extremely worthwhile and many partnerships have been formed
between the schools and the private sector as a result. All want
to see the Workplace Experiences for Educators Program develop
into an ongoing opportunity for our educators to develop their
students' employability skills and attitudes and enhance their
ability to make effective career choices.

The program will now undergo evaluation to determine its future.

"Today's students will be tomorrow's leaders and we have a
responsibility to ensure that they are properly prepared," said
Mr. Curtis. "The Workplace Experiences For Educators Program is a
step toward accomplishing this goal."

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development is a
joint venture funded by the Department of Education and Culture
and the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Economic
Diversification, managed by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities
Agency and the Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development and


Contact: Colin Craig
         Marketing and Communications Officer, CEED
         902-424-7246 or 1-800-590-8481 (toll free within
         Atlantic Canada)

NOTE TO EDITORS: A list of participating teachers and businesses
is available by calling 902-424-4492.

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