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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown has announced new
development funding for research that will benefit the Nova
Scotia apple industry.

The Department of Agriculture and Marketing is providing $215,000
in seed money to establish the Apple Industry Development Fund.
The fund will be used to support research, technology transfer,
marketing and human resource development projects and will be
administered by the Nova Scotia Tree Fruit Research Foundation.

"There are tremendous opportunities for Nova Scotia fruit growers
today, but we need to support research and development activities
to help improve these opportunities," said Mr. Brown. "We are
pleased to provide this initial funding, which we expect will
attract further federal and private investment to the industry."

The funding is provided under the terms of a memorandum of
understanding between the Nova Scotia Tree Fruit Research
Foundation and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and

Andrew Bishop, an apple grower and packer and director of the
Tree Fruit Research Foundation, said the fund was developed to
fit the five-year plan of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers
Association. The fund will enable producers to direct funding to
the research priorities established by the industry.

"We are working to develop new ideas and new opportunities that
will help our industry to remain competitive," said Mr. Bishop.

More than 20 projects have been approved so far, including
studies in irrigation and mulching technology, integrated pest
management for orchards, export market development, and the
development of a quality assurance system for apples.


Contact: Susan Horne
         Agriculture and Marketing

         Beth Pattillo Lamb
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