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Some trucks entering Nova Scotia this week will be spending a bit
more time than usual at the Amherst scalehouse, courtesy of a
72-hour round-the-clock vehicle check.

The safety inspection blitz is part of International Highway
Transportation Safety Week, June 2 to 7. The week provides
participating agencies an opportunity to highlight the people,
programs and partnerships that work year-round to improve heavy
commercial vehicle safety throughout Canada, the United States
and Mexico.

From noon on June 3 to noon on June 6, the Department of Business
and Consumer Services will be conducting Commercial Vehicle
Safety Alliance inspections at the vehicle compliance station to
promote commercial truck safety on Nova Scotia highways.

"One of the priorities of my department is to be responsive to
the needs of Nova Scotians -- and being able to travel safely on
our highways is certainly one of those needs," said Sandy Jolly,
business and consumer services minister. "We have a good safety
record but it can always be improved."

In last year's blitz, during which 357 trucks were inspected,
Nova Scotia finished with the best safety record in the country.

Accidents in Nova Scotia involving commercial vehicles are rare
compared with those involving passenger vehicles. The 1996 ratio
was 64 commercial to 18,000 passenger vehicles.

Since safe travelling depends on safe vehicles, the department
follows stringent inspection procedures. Brakes, steering,
wheels, tires, frames and the manner in which loads are secured
are some of the many features inspected during the roadcheck.

International Highway Transportation Safety Week also provides an
opportunity to recognize the valuable service provided by the
millions of men and women who drive commercial vehicles.

"Practically everything Nova Scotians eat and wear has, at one
time, been transported by a truck driven by a professional
driver," said Ms. Jolly. "They deserve appreciation and
recognition for providing a service we could not do without."


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         Business and Consumer Services

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