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Health Minister Bernie Boudreau today welcomed the appointment of
an external panel to review events at the Queen Elizabeth II
Health Sciences Centre following the death of Paul Mills.

"It's important that the public retain confidence in the QEII and
the health care system as a whole," said Mr. Boudreau. "It is my
hope that this review will do the job."

Mr. Boudreau spoke with the QEII's board chairman, Bill Hayward,
and Donald Schurman, president and chief executive officer, last
week to learn of the details of the review. Mr. Boudreau said he
will continue to monitor events at the QEII and will take
appropriate action if necessary.

"Ultimately, it is the minister of health who is responsible for
the health of Nova Scotians," said Mr. Boudreau. "I will take
further action when and if it is felt to be necessary."


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         Department of Health

trp                    June 2, 1997 - 1:15 p.m.