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The Nova Scotia itinerary is set for the Matthew, a reproduction
of John Cabot's 15th-century ship currently sailing across the

Five ports of call around the Maritime province are scheduled and
a number of festivals have been organized to celebrate the 500th
anniversary of Cabot's arrival on these shores.

"It's great to see so many people preparing to welcome the
Matthew to Nova Scotia," said Richie Mann, minister of economic
development and tourism. "The visit will provide a boost to
tourism revenue across the province, and that is very welcome

The Linger by the Sea festival has been planned for the Matthew's
first Nova Scotia docking at Neil's Harbour, Cape Breton, on Aug.
17. Two days later, on Aug. 19, the ship will dock in Sydney
before sailing for Halifax, Aug. 23-24, where it will kick off
the Little Italy festival.

On Aug. 26, the ship will dock at Shelburne and make its way to
Yarmouth by Aug. 28.

The organized port-of-call celebrations will allow people an
upclose and personal perspective of the type of vessel explorers
used to navigate vast unchartered oceans.

"It was a great thrill to watch the Matthew begin its
transatlantic voyage," said Mann, who attended the May launch of
the Matthew in Bristol, England.

While the 22-metre (73-foot) reproduction has modern equipment
such as propulsion and electronics, the performance and
reliability of the vessel reflects her historical authenticity.
Under sail, she is limited to 100 nautical miles per 24 hours.

Once the Matthew reaches the Atlantic region, she will be under
the watchful eye of the Canadian Coast Guard in the event of bad
weather, or should her captain require support to meet estimated
arrival times at the five Nova Scotian ports of call.


Contact: Melanie Marchand
         Matthew project assistant

trp                      June 4, 1997 - 5:45 p.m.