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Mixing business with pleasure will add a special twist to summer
camp for young people attending Adventure Into Business--A Grand
Camping Experience at Camp Rankin, Richmond Co., Aug. 3-9.

Organized by 4-H in partnership with the Centre for
Entrepreneurship Education and Development, the Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency and the Nova Scotia Department of
Agriculture and Marketing, the camp will provide a dynamic
program that combines the camping experience with an interactive
business skills program.

Nova Scotia entrepreneurs from ages 12 to 16 will take part in a
program that examines the characteristics of an entrepreneur, the
attitude and skills necessary for success, and how to generating
business ideas. Campers will also complete their own
mini-business venture at the camp.

Camp Rankin, the provincial 4-H camp, is newly renovated. On the
shores of the Bras d'Or Lakes, the camp offers canoeing,
swimming, hiking and modern facilities that comfortably hold 48

The young entrepreneurs will take part in nature studies, drama
and various recreational activities. For $110, campers receive
meals, working materials, accommodations and recreation. Bus
transportation is provided by a licensed carrier.

Qualified entrepreneurship counsellors at the Nova Scotia
Department of Education will be the leaders of the program. Camp
staff are professionals and have had 26 years' experience running
the annual provincial 4-H camp.

Adventure Into Business will help young entrepreneurs develop
skills in leadership and self-esteem, acquire a positive attitude
toward small business, learn to work together in groups, and
develop the ability to make decisions. The program is also geared
to broaden the interests of the campers and to provide them with
the information, resources and contacts needed to get started on
the road to entrepreneurship.

Parents interested in sending their children to the camp can
contact the 4-H and Rural Organizations Section, Nova Scotia
Department of Agriculture and Marketing, Box 550, Truro, N.S.,
B2N 5E3, 902-893-6585.


Contact: Colin Craig
         Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development

trp                  June 6, 1997 - 12:10 p.m.