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The best of Nova Scotia's exporters are being recognized for
their contribution to the provincial economy tonight at the
annual Export Achievement Awards.

Eleven companies and one individual are honoured by their peers
with the awards, sponsored by Nova Scotia Economic Development
and Tourism with the Nova Scotia Division of the Alliance of
Exporters and Manufacturers.

Richie Mann, minister of economic develop and tourism who
presents the awards with Lt.-Gov. James Kinley, said the
recipients of this year's awards reflect the diversity of the
Nova Scotia economy.

"There's one thing that each of these award winners have that
sets them apart and that's attitude," said Mr. Mann. "These
companies have thought outside our traditional trade links.
They've been aggressive and confident in seeking world markets,
and as a result, they're profitable. This confident attitude is
what wins contracts and we all benefit from that."

A new award established this year is the Outstanding Contribution
Award, for individuals, organizations or institutions. This first
such award goes to John Jay, president of Novaport Vaughan
International, whom many consider the pioneer of the
international consulting industry in Nova Scotia.

Next month marks the 31st anniversary of the first international
consulting assignment undertaken by two Halifax engineers: on
July 19, 1966, John Jay and Jim Warner travelled to Guyana in
South America to conduct a feasibility study on the
fish-processing industry in New Amsterdam on behalf of the
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Over the years, he has continued to develop local and
international markets for engineering consulting. With his
experience in world markets, including the Caribbean, Pakistan,
India and Saudi Arabia to name a few, Mr. Jay is able to offer
market knowledge and does so willingly to other consultancy firms
in the province.

Mr. Jay has acted as a mentor to young engineers, grooming them
for their introduction into the export market. At its own expense
each year, Novaport brings engineers from developing countries to
the province to gain practical experience in a Canadian design

The other Export Achievement Award winners, based on reported
1996 export sales:

Multi Mesh Distribution Inc., Dartmouth and Louisdale, Richmond
This new company's investments of time and money on becoming
export-ready have paid off handsomely. Extensive market research
and product-adaptation to fit market needs have resulted in Multi
Mesh's success. As a new exporter in 1996, Multi Mesh is now
selling their Bug Me Not product line -- including mesh outfits
to protect against biting insects, cot enclosures, head and hair
nets -- in six continents. The company now employs 23 people, and
with the help of the Nova Scotia Business Development Corp., it
recently announced a plant expansion.

ADI Environmental Management Inc., Halifax
ADI's export successes have centred around the exporting of
mining environmental services. It is now looking at opportunities
in the hydrocarbon cleanup sector in South America and Southeast
Asia. In 1996, ADI took a new approach when it entered the Peru
market. Rather than entering a joint venture with a local firm,
the Halifax company formed a new company with a qualified local
individual as a minority shareholder of the new company.

Precision Biologicals, Dartmouth
Precision, a leader among Nova Scotia's growing biotechnology
sector, has built its export success on innovative products and
superb service. The company identified key needs within a blood-testing niche and developed unique quality solutions. It markets
frozen diagnostic products directly using telephone sales and
ships them by overnight courier direct to the end-users.
Precision's export sales in 1996 increased 78 per cent over the
previous year.

IMP Aerospace Components Ltd., Amherst
IMP manufacturers and exports aircraft components and assemblies
to all of the major aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing,
McDonnell-Douglas and Bell Helicopter. In 1996, the company
doubled its export sales over the previous year. This success is
bound to continue, as the aerospace industry is forecast to
remain on a high for several years. With IMP's aggressive
development, it has the capabilities to meet the demands of the
dynamic market.

Tri-Star Industries Ltd., Yarmouth
The addition of new manufacturing facilities for aluminum bodies
and metal work has enabled Tri-Star to offer a complete line of
ambulances and, consequently, broaden its export market
activities. Over the past year, Tri-Star has concentrated its
export efforts in the Caribbean and it appears to be paying off.
Not only has it been able to secure business in Cuba, but in
other parts of the Caribbean as well. Other new markets for
Tri-Star in 1996 include Sweden and Kuwait. Sales to these
markets can be attributed to new product lines of armoured
vehicles and modular ambulances.

ABCO Industries Ltd., Lunenburg
Emphasis on product development has proven successful for ABCO
Industries. The development of a blancher/cooler has opened up a
market opportunity for the company in China. Attention to
existing export markets has boosted export sales in 1996 in
excess of $1 million from the previous year. As an exporter for
16 years, ABCO Industries continues to demonstrate that hard work
and persistence to developing export markets pays off.

TrentonWorks Ltd., Trenton
For over 25 years, TrentonWorks has contributed to the province's
exports.  In 1996, TrentonWorks increased its exports five times
over the previous year. By emphasizing quality and customer
needs, it increased export sales in excess of $250 million.
TrentonWorks is a turnaround success story, due largely to export

G.N. Plastics Company Ltd., Chester
G.N. Plastics is now exporting to more than 40 countries. By
incorporating innovative features into its Pressureforming
machines, G.N. Plastics has created a high demand throughout the
world's established and emerging markets for their Thermoformers.
Attention to quality and customer service continue to open new
markets. Its business philosophy is that the best guarantee of
success is successful customers. In 1996, the company was
successful in several new markets including Russia, Kuwait,
Venezuela and South Africa.

Orion Electronics Ltd. of Windsor
Orion has been exporting its high-tech electronic equipment for
20 years. The development of a high-tech cellular direction
finder has provided it with a new product for export. As well, by
breaking into new markets in South America and Europe, it has
been able to show significant increases in total value of exports
in 1996. Companies like Orion are proof that the high-tech
industry can thrive in small-town Nova Scotia.

McDonnell Group/Vaughan International Consultants Ltd., Halifax
Vaughan's success in the export service market has been achieved
by various means, including private-sector contracts, work on IFI
projects through agencies such as the World Bank, the
Inter-American Development Bank and CIDA. After participating in
a successful Team Canada trade mission to India, Vaughan formed a
consortium charged with a six-year environmental management
project in India for CIDA.

Copol International Ltd., North Sydney
Working out of the Northside Industrial Park, Copol is a
relatively new exporter that is showing positive growth in the
export market. As a producer of plastic film with the cast
polypropylene, it is demonstrating growth in export sales through
the introduction of its product lines into new markets. In 1996,
Copol's new markets included Belgium and Morocco, with both
markets contributing significantly to its growth in export sales
in 1996.


Contact: Linda Laffin
         Economic Development and Tourism


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