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Train whistles, station clocks, locomotive bells and iron horses
of days gone by await visitors to the Museum of Industry in
Stellarton this weekend as the museum celebrates Rail Days.

Rail Days honours the impact the railway has had on the
industrial heritage of Pictou County and Nova Scotia. The
museum's nine locomotives, along with special collections of
railway memorabilia, will be on display. Conductors, firefighters
and engineers will also be on site to tell visitors fascinating
stories about railway life.

Debra McNabb, director for the Museum of Industry, said Rail Days
is the kickoff event for what will be a busy summer at the

"It's important for the museum to market itself as a tourist
attraction," she said. "Our focus is to get people to visit the
museum and hear the stories of past and present industries. Rail
Days allows us to do that and we look forward to many people
viewing our exhibits throughout the summer."

The highlight of the weekend is the arrival of a special
excursion train from Truro on Sunday at 11:34 a.m. Sponsored by
the Truro Model Railroad Association, the train will stop at the
former Via Rail station, closed in 1990, which is next to the
museum. Seats on the train were sold out last fall, but Ms.
McNabb said the museum will consider running the train again in
the future.

"This was supposed to be a onetime operation, but with the number
of requests we are still getting, I think there is a strong
possibility we will do it again," she said. "It's been five years
since the last train stopped here and for many people it is a
trip down memory lane to see the train. It's great for families
because everyone can take part."

The Museum of Industry is also taking steps to bridge the gap
between traditional industry and modern business by building an
interactive multimedia gallery to bring attention to current and
future industries. MT&T has provided $160,000 to develop the
project; other funding is being made available through the
Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure Works Program.

The gallery will include animation, CD-ROM and other interactive
games and activities when it opens next year. This will make the
Museum of Industry the first museum in Nova Scotia to attract a
large corporate sponsor.

Rail Days will run June 7-8 from 10 a.m until 5 p.m. at the
Museum of Industry, 147 North Foord St., Stellarton. Regular
admission applies: children and seniors $3, adults $5, and
families $13. For further information, contact the museum at


Contact: Doug Hadley
         Department of Education and Culture

trp                   June 6, 1997 - 4:35 p.m.