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Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Jim Barkhouse today said he
looks forward to working with newly appointed federal Fisheries
and Oceans Minister David Anderson.

"I congratulate Mr. Anderson on his appointment as Minister of
Fisheries and Oceans, and I invite the minister to spend time in
Nova Scotia to learn about our fishing, aquaculture and
recreational fisheries first-hand," said Mr. Barkhouse. 

"We need to discuss the cumulative impacts of user fees, the
community impacts of fisheries management policies, and the need
to ensure that Nova Scotia receives a fair share of the Canadian
fishery resources." 

Mr. Barkhouse said the new fisheries minister appears to be
sensitive to the needs of coastal communities, and seems to
share, "our concern about the effects of multiple cost recovery
initiatives at household, enterprise and community levels."

Fishing must be viewed as a business, but also as a way of life
in coastal communities throughout the Atlantic region, stressed
the minister. 

"We need to recognize the place of small, successful, independent
fishers, fish processors, aquaculturists, and sport fishers in
the overall fishing industry."

Nova Scotia has always had a mix of small, medium and large
players in its fishery, as well as a broad mix of fishing
activities. Diversity has been important in helping the province
survive sudden and unexpected changes in the industry.

"It is important to note that the fishery has significant spinoff
benefits. For every direct job, fishing and aquaculture add
another two to three indirect full-time jobs in a community,"
said Mr. Barkhouse.

Mr. Barkhouse stressed the importance of rebuilding a strong
working relationship with the federal government. 

"Nova Scotia and other provinces must play a much greater role in
the decision-making processes associated with developing and
implementing new policies, which affect industry competitiveness
and community sustainability. I look forward to working with
industry and Mr. Anderson to restore confidence and stability to
our fishing, fish processing, aquaculture and sportfishing


Contact: Diane Kenny
         Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

trp                      June 13, 1997 - 1:30 p.m.