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Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie said Nova Scotia is in
the process of taking a closer look at the potential for
development of a petrochemical industry associated with Sable
natural gas.

The minister announced today that a $48,000 contract has been
awarded to Sigurdson and Associates of Toronto for a marketing
analysis of the potential for an ammonia plant, a combined
ammonia/urea plant, and a methanol plant.

"Development of a Nova Scotia-based petrochemical industry would
be a major spinoff benefit from the Sable gas project," said Mrs.
Norrie. "It would mean jobs and economic developments above and
beyond those that the Sable gas project itself will bring.
Therefore, it is vital to pursue every possible opportunity.
That's why the province is going ahead with this second phase of
a petrochemical industry study."

Last fall, a preliminary study concluded the best possibilities
for petrochemical industry development would be a methanol plant
and an ammonia plant integrated with a urea plant. Both would use
Sable gas as feedstock and would be in the Point Tupper area,
where the Sable project natural gas liquids processing plant will
be located.

"The petrochemical industry, like the Sable gas project, would be
developed through private-sector investment," said Mrs. Norrie.
"Government's role is to establish conditions that encourage
investment and economic development which, in turn, creates jobs
and incomes for Nova Scotians."


Contacts: Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie

          Blain Henshaw

trp                        June 18, 1997 - 2:30 p.m.