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Nova Scotia has secured guaranteed access to Sable natural gas at
preferential rates. It is the result of negotiations with the
Sable Offshore Energy Project group, Maritimes and Northeast
Pipeline and the Province of New Brunswick. All four parties have
agreed to a  joint position' on gas tolls and laterals that will
be presented to the Sable project joint review panel.

"This is a big victory for Nova Scotia," said Natural Resources
Minister Eleanor Norrie. "It means guaranteed access to the gas,
preferential prices for Nova Scotia customers, and, most
important, it helps to advance the Sable project ."

Under the joint position, Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline makes
a commitment for a mainline gas lateral to serve Halifax by
November 1999 and a commitment to start planning for a lateral to
Cape Breton.

Maritimes and Northeast has also agreed to give Nova Scotia
preferential prices for 10 years. This would occur through a 10
per cent reduction in gas transportation tolls for the first
eight years of gas delivery, followed by a four per cent
reduction for two years.

"The preferential rate is what we have wanted from the start,"
said Mrs. Norrie. "Nova Scotia will benefit substantially
because, now that there's agreement on guaranteed access to the 
gas and a preferred rate, there should be no delay in the Sable
project due to competing pipeline proposals or for any other

Mrs. Norrie said the joint position recognizes the importance of
avoiding delays on the Sable gas project, as well as the
important role the project and the pipeline will play in future
economic development in Nova Scotia and in the region.


Contact: Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie

         Blain Henshaw
         Information Officer

trp                        June 19, 1997 - 2:15 p.m.