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Governor-in-Council and Ministerial Regulations supporting the
new Education Act are in the mail to school boards, schools,
advisory councils and other education partners.

Like the Education Act, the regulations are designed to increase
the focus and support for the classroom. For example, the
regulations deal with school advisory councils, support for safe
schools, and African-Canadian and Mi'kmaq education. The
regulations have also been updated to reflect current education
practices and language.

"The paperwork's done," said Robbie Harrison, education and
culture minister. "Now we need to work together to put what's on
paper into action. That begins with new funding -- which we're
providing -- and a continued focus on the needs of students and
teachers in the classroom."

In releasing the regulations, Mr. Harrison thanked the many
people who contributed to finalizing the regulations. Last fall,
the draft regulations were circulated to 1,000 groups and
individuals and were available on the department's homepage.

The new regulations will again be circulated widely: by mail and 
at website


Contact: Catherine MacIsaac
         Education and Culture

trp                      June 24, 1997 - 11:50 p.m.