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Voting is under way in two of six regions of the province on
whether fishers want to be represented by an accredited
organization of choice to which they agree to pay annual dues,
Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Jim Barkhouse announced today. 

Votes are currently being cast in Region 1, from the New
Brunswick border in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence to the
Inverness-Victoria county line, and in Region 2 from the
Inverness-Victoria county line along the Atlantic coast to the
Canso Causeway. Votes are to be counted July 7 under the auspices
of the Provincial Ombudsman's Office.

"he vote is a requirement under the Fisheries Organizations
Support Act which was proclaimed last January, after almost three
years of input from inshore fishers and their organizations,"
said Mr. Barkhouse.

The process started with organizations requesting a method of
becoming stronger and better funded, he explained. Representation
is applicable to core fishers, defined as full time or
licence-holders who are solely dependent on the fishery. Core
fishers total 645 in Region 1, and 678 in Region 2.

Voters lists are being prepared for other regions of the
province, and votes will be held later in the year.

Under the act, a successful vote requires 60 per cent
participation from eligible fishers, and a majority vote in
favour of representation. Following a positive vote, all core
fishers would be required to pay mandatory dues to an accredited
organization of choice. To be accredited, an organization must
meet a number of criteria, including a reporting mechanism to its
members, a minimum membership of 100 with the possibility of
sectoral or geographical exceptions, and a minimum annual
membership fee of $100.

"The act provides a democratic vehicle for fishers to express
themselves on the issue of representation and mandatory dues,"
said Mr. Barkhouse. "Industry is to be commended for its input in
developing the process."


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