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The Nova Scotia Film Development Corp.(NSFDC) is receiving an
additional $1.3 million to invest in the province's growing film
and video production industry.

The new money will almost double the corporation's budget for the
year, to $3 million, and allow it to support a record number of
productions. This spring, the NSFDC handled twice as many project
proposals as at the same time last year.

Richie Mann, minister of economic development and tourism, and
responsible for NSFDC, said in announcing the funding today that
it's a good investment for the province.

"Every dollar the province invests in the film industry puts $10
directly into the pockets of Nova Scotians working in the
industry. That's $10 directly back into the economy. Additional
support services increase the leverage of that invested dollar."

Nova Scotia's film and video industry has grown fourfold in as
many years. In 1993, the industry was worth $13.5 million in
production expenditures. By 1996, it had grown to $48 million,
and projections for 1997 put the figure in excess of $64 million.

NSFDC interim chair, Bonnie Kirby, said the funding will be of
great benefit to the film industry.

"In a sense, we've become a victim of our own success. There are
lots of good projects out there ready for production, but there
wasn't enough money to help make them all happen. Now we can help
our industry to fulfil its huge potential."

Mr. Mann said the remarkable film industry growth in the province
can be attributed to the quality of Nova Scotia's film industry
workforce, the efforts of the NSFDC and the successful Nova
Scotia film tax credit. The tax credit of 30 per cent on Nova
Scotia labour is an incentive for local and international

Said the minister: "It's about creating jobs. In fact, the NSFDC
has supported the creation of 420 jobs so far this year."


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NOTE TO EDITORS: Audio of the remarks from Minister Mann and
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