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The "buck law" will remain in effect for at least one more
season, Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie announced
today. In addition, deer management zones will be introduced in
Nova Scotia.

"I have carefully considered the biological information
available, as well as our long-term deer management goals," Mrs.
Norrie said, explaining the continued prohibition on hunting
does. "The herd is in good condition and has grown in most areas
of the province. However, the conservation measure will continue
in 1997 to increase the deer herd further."

The province has been mapped into the seven deer management
zones. When deer numbers have increased further, the department
intends to issue a limited number of hunting permits for does and
young bucks in each zone, Mrs. Norrie said.

Preliminary figures for 1997 indicate the over-wintering deer
herd in the province to be about 56,700 deer, compared with
45,835 in 1996. This is an increase of 23 per cent from 1996 and
a 34 per cent increase from 1995.

"If the herd continues to grow at the current rate, it is likely
deer-hunting permits will be available for does and young bucks
in some zones during the 1998 hunting season," Mrs. Norrie said.

Deer hunters bagged 8,180 bucks during the 1996 six-week season,
up 16 per cent from 1995 when 7,038 deer were taken.

The 1997 deer season will run from Oct. 31 to Dec. 6.


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