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A survey of children's dental health in Nova Scotia supports
changes made to the provincial dental health program, said Health
Minister Jim Smith.

The survey, released today by Dr. Amid Ismail, chair of dental
clinical services at Dalhousie University, indicated the need to
target children at high risk of dental disease.

Last year, the Department of Health changed the children's dental
health program by emphasizing prevention and good oral health
promotion and focusing care on children with poor oral health.

"The survey shows that there's been an overall improvement in
children's oral health since the early 1980s," said Dr. Smith.

"This is significant progress but outlines the need for continued
refinement of an effective children's dental health program."

The survey shows that many of the province's oral health goals
have been met. These include seeing a dentist regularly, brushing
at least once a day and preserving primary molars.

Dr. Smith said the department will examine the survey results in
co-operation with regional health boards, which employ public
health hygienists, to see if further refinements are necessary.

"Remember: a good part of positive oral health is being a good
role model for our children by encouraging them to brush at least
once a day, to floss regularly and to eat healthy foods," said
Dr. Smith.


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