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Health experts on tobacco from the World Health Organization
(WHO) are meeting in Halifax today and Friday (June 27) to start
work on establishing the first international treaty on tobacco

The 15 participants from Canada, France, Finland, Thailand,
Switzerland and the United States will co-ordinate preparation of
an International Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Plans
have been developed to present a draft treaty to the World Health
Assembly for adoption in the year 2000. The meeting in Halifax is
the first time this group has met.

"Nova Scotia is an excellent place for the World Health
Organization to commence their meetings on tobacco control," said
Premier John Savage. "Our tobacco control initiatives to date
have proven successful and are indicative of the aggressive
approach Canada is taking to address this serious health issue."

During the two-day meeting, delegates will review the progress
made on addressing tobacco control issues, exchange views on how
to draft a framework convention and how to structure related
protocols, and make recommendations on membership, terms of
reference and a program of work for such a consultative group.

"Tobacco is a worldwide public health concern," said Health
Minister Jim Smith. "We are committed to addressing the issue
here in Nova Scotia and are very pleased to see it being
addressed by the World Health Organization at the international

Halifax hosted a WHO meeting in April on promoting health at the
global, national and local levels. That meeting was attended by
about 80 delegates representing more than 25 countries, United
Nation agencies, international development donor countries,
non-governmental organizations, the private sector and charitable


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