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Encouraging co-operation on common education and training
programs and opening doors to arts and cultural exchanges are the
focus of a memorandum of understanding signed today by the
Department of Education and Culture from Nova Scotia and the
Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines.

Deputy Minister Marilyn Gaudet signed the memorandum in Manila on
behalf of Nova Scotia's education and culture minister, Robbie

"This memorandum recognizes Nova Scotia's position as a leader in
post-secondary education and cultural industries," said Mr.
Harrison. "Our important links with the Asia Pacific continue to
grow stronger, securing our place in the global economy."

The agreement will encourage Nova Scotia and the Philippines to
develop common training programs and institutional relationships
at the diploma, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.
Programs are expected to include teacher and student exchanges.

"The Philippines has shown particular interest in the strength of
Nova Scotian post-graduate engineering and fine arts programs,"
said Mr. Harrison.

The memorandum also provides the framework to develop areas of
international co-operation in arts and culture, to encourage
detailed proposals for performing arts in music, theatre and fine
arts, and for formal exchanges of artists and tours of performing
companies. Information on arts marketing and the economic impact
of cultural industries will also be shared.

Premier John Savage signed a similar agreement with Thailand as
part of Team Canada in January. Nova Scotia is aggressively
marketing its post-secondary educational system overseas and has
established a marketing plan with the universities and the Nova
Scotia Community College.


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trp                     June 26, 1997 - 3:35 p.m.