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Two hundred and sixty 4-H members, ages 9-15, from all over the
province, embarked on a special six day experience yesterday when
Camp Rankin, the provincial 4-H Camp in Richmond County, opened
for the season. Each week this summer about 50 campers will
arrive to begin their fun-filled educational experience.

Agriculture and Marketing Minister, Guy Brown said, "This is an
excellent opportunity for 4-H members to take part in a program
that offers learning and outdoor experiences while forging new

In August, the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and
Marketing will partner with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities
Agency and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Education and
Development to host an Entrepreneurship Camp for young
entrepreneurs from ages 12-16. They will be learn how to run
their own business.

Originating as a Centennial project of the Richmond County 4-H
Leaders' Council, Camp Rankin is situated on 60 acres of land
bordering the Bras d'Or Lakes at Cape George, near St. Peters. 
It was the first 4-H camp built in the Atlantic Provinces. Since
its completion by volunteers 25 years ago, it has provided
unforgettable memories and experiences to thousands of Nova
Scotia 4-H members and visitors.

Camp Rankin is also celebrating the official opening of the new
facilities after fire destroyed the main building in 1995.
Through strong efforts by supporters and volunteers, the Richmond
County 4-H Leaders' Council secured funding and reconstructed the
building. The official ceremonies will take place at the camp on
July 26.


Contact: Cheryl Chandler
         Department of Agriculture and Marketing

trp                     June 30, 1997 - 10:20 a.m.