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Strategic issues facing the agri-food sector was a main topic of
discussion at a meeting of federal-provincial agricultural
ministers held this week in Trois-Rivieres, Que.

Nova Scotia's agriculture and marketing minister, Guy Brown,
raised a number of issues key to the future development of the
province's agri-food sector. He stressed the need for securing
long-term safety-net agreements to ensure stability in the
production sector.

"We have some of the finest hogs, mink and apple orchards in the
country," said Mr. Brown. Decisions made today must preserve and
enhance the good that has taken generations to establish, he

Nova Scotia signed a three-year agreement in 1996 with the
federal government that established the Net Income Stabilization
Program and Crop Insurance as core national safety-net programs. 
Mr. Brown is intent on securing an agreement before the current
one expires.

The minister also emphasized the role of the federal government
in taking a strong position on trade issues.

"While our beef industry is slowly recovering, we ask that our
federal officials make sure that the tariff schedules under the
World Trade Organization for beef are respected so that local
beef is not displaced by imported product," said Mr. Brown.

The minister also pointed out the need for establishing
inspection standards for cross-border commercialization. In
addition, he stressed the importance of co-operation among all
governments and groups in addressing the issues facing the
agri-food industry across Canada. Mr. Brown also took the lead in
establishing a special task group to review issues related to
transportation of feed grain in Canada.

The conference in Trois-Rivieres continues today and Friday.


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         Agriculture and Marketing

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