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Establishing a framework for the next generation of safety-net
programs was the main topic of discussion yesterday during a
meeting of agriculture ministers in Trois-Rivieres, Que.

Under an existing agreement, Nova Scotia has almost tripled its
participation in the Net Income Stabilization Program in the past
two years. The province has taken a creative and proactive
approach to developing one of the best packages of companion
programs in the country.

Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown indicated Nova
Scotia's continuing support for the development of the next
generation of safety-net programs. To preserve the province's
investment in the agri-food industry, the government needs to
provide confidence to the sector that the transition from ad hoc
income-support programs to shared-risk safety nets will be a
smooth one, Mr. Brown indicated in an address.

In reaffirming Nova Scotia's support for safety-net programming,
Mr. Brown stressed the need for a whole farm approach; inclusion
of non-supply managed commodities produced on supply managed
farms; provincial and regional flexibility; and an examination of
the current cost-sharing formula. He also indicated Nova Scotia's
desire to secure a five-year safety-net agreement.

The conference of agriculture ministers and deputy ministers
continues Friday with discussions on international trade and the
Canadian food inspection system.


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