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The second half of a provincial investment mission swings into
motion this week with the arrival of a group of Italian business
people in Nova Scotia.

Premier John Savage and Economic Development and Tourism Minister
Richie Mann are hosting 18 potential Italian investors in
response to a Nova Scotian investment mission to Italy last
April. The premier and minister made presentations on the
advantages of doing business in Nova Scotia to more than 100
companies over the four day trip.

The Nova Scotia government is trying to entice Italian companies
to relocate or expand to the province by promoting our
competitive operating costs, skilled workforce and proximity to
the U.S. marketplace. Italian manufacturers are facing escalating
labour costs, higher taxes, and major transportation charges.

"European companies want access to the North American
marketplace," said Mr. Mann. "We hope to convince the Italians
that Nova Scotia can be their gateway to reaching 350 million

"We'll be demonstrating the best that Nova Scotia has to offer,"
said Premier Savage, "and that includes our people, our
infrastructure and our willingness to do business."

The Italian business visitors, primarily manufacturers from
central Italy, are touring the Halifax metro region and attending
presentations on Nova Scotia's business strengths. Half the group
will travel to Cape Breton and half to Yarmouth County to tour
industrial sites with regional development authority
representatives. The mission ends after a full day of meetings on
Wednesday, July 9, with the group returning to Italy on Thursday,
July 10.

"We've been successful in attracting the Italians this far and
our long-term  prospects for attracting new business look good,"
said Premier Savage.
Contact:  Linda Laffin, Investment & Trade

cab          July 8, 1997 - 9:45 a.m.