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The Town of Bridgewater will turn one hectare (2.5 acres) of
riverfront property into recreational land, thanks to a land
transfer agreement with the Province of Nova Scotia.
"The land will provide a boost to community economic development
and to tourism," said Don Downe, minister of transportation and
public works, speaking on behalf of Richie Mann, minister of
economic development and tourism.

"The LaHave River is a focal point for the community," said Mr.
Downe. "With this transfer, we're helping the Town of Bridgewater
preserve green space and encourage recreational activity in the

The property consists of two lots that are adjacent to land
recently acquired by the town from a private owner. The transfer
effectively joins the lots, creating a hectare of direct
waterfront access. The province had offered the land to the town
with the understanding that it be used for recreational purposes. 
"I believe the river is our town's best asset and I'm delighted
that this transfer will provide residents with access to the
river and to a prominent green area," said Mayor Ernie Bolivar.
The town plans to work with community economic development
agencies to enhance the waterfront property, bounded by King
Street and the LaHave River. The province had owned the site,
known as the former Acadia Gas Engines Ltd. land, for about 10
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jlw                       July 8, 1997        12:30 p.m.