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A three-year plan to twin Highway 125 between Highway 105 and 
Leitches Creek near North Sydney will get under way this summer.

The $9.8-million project, which twins a second section of Highway
125, will provide a safer, faster route for business and
commuters, Don Downe, minister of transportation and public
works, said today.

The project will also focus on greater protection for North
Sydney's water supply at Pottle's Lake.

"This highway construction will enhance safety and support
long- and short-term economic benefits to the community and
region," said Mr. Downe. "This new road will increase access and
be more attractive to business and industry."

The  project extends about seven kilometres from Highway 105 near
North Sydney southerly to the existing four lanes at Leitches

"Environmental screening and field surveys have been carried out,
and we have designed measures that will provide improved
protection to the Pottle's Lake watershed area," said Mr. Downe.  

Watershed protection measures include a large spill-containment
berm to be constructed adjacent to Highway 125 where it crosses
Pottle's Lake. A smaller retention dike will be built next to the
highway to protect the remainder of the watershed. In the event
of an accident or spill, the berm and dike will provide a buffer
zone, preventing material from entering the water supply.

Construction begins this year; this section of highway is
scheduled to open to traffic in 1999. 

Cost of the project is shared by the provincial and federal
governments through the Canada-Nova Scotia Strategic Highway
Improvement Program Agreement.


Contact: Aubrey Martell
         Transportation and Public Works, Eastern District
         Laura Lee Langley
         Transportation and Public Works, Halifax

NOTE TO EDITORS: A factsheet on the project is available by
calling 902-424-4492.

jlw                          July 8, 1997     3:40 p.m.