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A conference on rural resource and rural development begins today
in Truro. The conference being held at the Nova Scotia
Agricultural College is the first of its kind in Nova Scotia to
deal with rural resource management, rural restructuring, and
community development.

Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown, who is responsible
for rural affairs, was pleased to welcome participants to the

"There are many changes facing our rural communities today and a
great deal of potential for new development. But with new
development, new issues are being created for us to address,"
said Mr. Brown.

The minister said the conference will encourage the exchange of
ideas and information that is essential when developing
strategies for the long-term viability of rural communities in
Nova Scotia.

In his opening remarks, the minister stressed his department's
commitment to finding good solutions to rural issues and rural
development. The department recently created a resource
stewardship branch to provide the agri-food industry with expert
advice in sustainable resource management, environmental
education, research and technology adaptation.

As well, Agriculture and Marketing in co-operation with the
Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs and the province's
rural municipalities are conducting an Agricultural Land
Identification Program to assist in developing land use planning
policies that preserve agricultural land.

Mr. Brown also took the opportunity to recognize the
contributions of the departments of Natural Resources, Housing
and Municipal Affairs and Economic Development and Tourism in
organizing the conference. Ministers and staff from these
departments, as well as private sector and academic contributors,
will be making presentations.

The conference will continue until Saturday, July 12.
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