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The fish at Nova Scotia's first halibut hatchery are flourishing,
boding well for the operation's long-term success.

At present, there are about 1,500 juvenile fish at R&R Fisheries
in East Ferry, which Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Jim
Barkhouse recently toured with owners Syd and Shawn Raymond, Fred
Robinson, Paul West and Mike Helm.

"The halibut hatchery is a very exciting development for Nova
Scotia's aquaculture industry and I believe the prospects for
commercialization at this site are very positive," said Mr.
Barkhouse, who observed the fish at different life-stages,
including eggs, fry, juveniles and broodstock.

"While the Norwegians have concentrated on sea cage rearing
practices, R&R is a pioneer in land-based, intensive halibut

The fish have shown tremendous growth since they were transferred
to East Ferry, on the Digby Neck, from the St. Andrews Biological
Station in New Brunswick.
Funding for the transfer was through the federal-provincial
Co-operation Agreement on Economic Diversification and the
sub-agreement between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for Alternate
Finfish Development Projects.

Mr. Barkhouse noted that such inter-agency co-operation and
support are essential if projects such as rearing halibut are to
succeed. In this case, the federal Department of Fisheries and
Oceans and the National Research Council have played key roles in
assisting R&R in its startup and in providing continuing support
and technical advice.

R&R has important assets that should contribute to its long-term
success. On the site of a former fish-processing plant, the
hatchery has an ample supply of temperate sea water and room for
expansion. Mr. West and Mr. Helm, specialists in fish diets and
nutrition, are continuing their work to identify the best
possible diets to maximize growth.  

In addition to dietary preferences, R&R will be investigating
issues such as optimum size and market requirements. Halibut grow
to an enormous size in the wild, but commercial viability of
halibut culture will likely focus on bringing a pan-size fillet
to the marketplace.


Contact: Leo Muise
         Director of aquaculture

jlw                        July 11, 1997     3:15 p.m.