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Parrsboro Metal Fabricators Ltd. is about to generate a lot more
heat. The furnace manufacturer is undertaking a $300,000
expansion and creating 30 jobs in the process. 

To help fund the expansion, Economic Development and Tourism is
lending the company $115,000. The loan will be forgiven if those
jobs are created and maintained for at least three years.

"We're working in partnership with small companies like Parrsboro
Metal Fabricators to create and maintain much-needed jobs in
rural Nova Scotia," said Richie Mann, minister of Economic
Development and Tourism. "Supporting this expansion will enable
the company to export more products to more markets, and that
benefits the company and the economy."

Operating in Parrsboro since 1975, the company currently employs
138 people in the design and manufacture of warm-air furnaces,
hot-water boilers, wood-fired furnaces and oil-storage tanks for
markets across Canada and the United States.

"We're very excited about the expansion. It will allow us to
penetrate new markets across North America," said company
president Brian MacPhee. "Traditionally, we've sold to markets in
the northeastern part of the States. Now we'll have presence in
38 states."

The company will also begin manufacturing a complete heating unit
package for the marketplace. "We're adding a cast-iron boiler
product line so that we can offer complete furnace packages for
both oil and natural gas," said Mr. MacPhee. "This will be our
first natural gas product."

The expansion at the Parrsboro Incubator Mall was prompted when
the company had an opportunity to buy equipment from a closed
U.S. operation at attractive prices.

With expanded sales and more manufacturing capability, the
company expects to increase employment by 10 full-time jobs
annually in each of the next three years.


Contact: Angela Poirier
         Economic Development and Tourism
         Brian MacPhee
         Parrsboro Metal Fabricators

jlw                     July 14, 1997         2:35 p.m.